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Cheese Straws: The Ultimate Soul Food

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Cheese Straws: The Ultimate Soul Food

Ever wonder why we are born with taste buds? They don’t help us digest anything. Sure, it’s good that they help us avoid eating bad things we should never eat, but beyond that, they aren’t logically necessary. That being said, we are happy to report that we have discovered the actual reason why taste buds have stuck with us through all of evolution’s ups and downs: they help us experience cheese straws.

You may be thinking, Cheese straws? Why would I want a straw made out of cheese? Do I drink with it? If these questions fill your mind, brace yourself, because you’re just about to discover the most incredible taste bud experience in the world: 350° Cheese Straws. Our 100-percent natural cheese straws consist of strips of cheddar coated in our secret breading recipe and cooked to perfection. When you bite into one of these pieces of heaven, you experience that delectable crunch, the softness of the cheese, and then the incredible combination of sharp cheddar and our spices. If your mouth is watering, it means your taste buds are working correctly!

When we carefully craft cheese straws and pack them for shipping around the country, we are fulfilling our mission to spread the spirit of southern hospitality. Whenever and wherever you see the hand-packed tins from 350° Cheese Straws, you have the opportunity to experience what makes southern cuisine so irresistible (and it isn’t just the fact that the cheese is breaded).

Why 350° Cheese Straws Are More Than Just a (Delicious) Snack

There are several concepts that make southern culture timeless, and our Cheese Straws represent each one. Not convinced? Read on!

350° Cheese Straws Promote Politeness

  • When you grow up in the South, you are taught to say “yes, sir,” “yes, ma’am,” “thank you,” and “please.” Children learn these terms before they even know how to spell. These manners lead to a way of engaging with people that is unrushed, kind, and pleasant. Now, you may think that the temptation of our incredible cheese straws may drive a person to forget his or her manners, but we think that our cheese straws create opportunities to show appreciation and care. Most importantly they create opportunities to share the good things in life (like delectable food).

350° Cheese Straws Are Kind

  • Have you ever heard the saying, “There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet”? If you have, you’ve heard the heart of Southern hospitality. People are important to us. One of the ways we extend our hearts to those around us is great food, and 350° Cheese Straws are the perfect snack to bring people together! Even more than that, they are handmade with love and consciously-sourced ingredients. We believe that nobody has to lose when something wonderful is created!

350° Cheese Straws Are Charming

  • “Southern charm” may not be a thing to anyone outside of the South, but within the South, it’s just the way we show kindness and wit to the people in our lives. Maintaining grace under pressure and ensuring those around us feel comfortable is just a way of life. We do this in our conversations as well as the way we design our living spaces and accessories. When the 350° Cheese Straws team was figuring out how to package our cheese straws, we put a lot of thought into a design that would be charming, and the result is the appealing tins that not only protect the goods, but look good at the same time. We couldn’t do it any other way!

350° Cheese Straws Are Helpful

  • In addition to using natural, kindly-sourced ingredients, our cheese straws help the world by satiating hunger in a particularly delightful way. Sure, Brussels sprouts can also satiate hunger. But there’s a time for Brussels sprouts, and there’s a time for magic, and when it’s time for magic, it’s time for 350° Cheese Straws. We make them for those moments when you want to experience the best life has to offer!

350° Cheese Straws Are Good Home Cooking

  • No matter where you’re from, you know that the South does home cooking better than anyone else. We make some of the most beloved foods around because we aren’t afraid of using a little butter, a little cheese, and a few wild spices. We are also used to making a extra to go around (you have to be prepared just in case guests come over)! Southern cooking satisfies the soul, and 350° Cheese Straws are no different. We ship all over the country, so whether you’re far away from home and craving some southern comfort or you’ve never visited the South but you need comfort in general, you can bite into a cheese straw and experience a bit of that tantalizing Southern warmth.

350° Cheese Straws: Because Life is Too Short Not To!

Living life to the fullest looks different for everybody, but there are some common denominators: we all need to eat, and it’s nice to enjoy the experience. Each and every cheese straw we send out is carefully crafted by hand using secret recipes developed over multiple generations. Shop now for yourself and others!


Cheese Straws are a Health Food

Yes, we know. You probably saw the title up there and scoffed. Yeah, right. Baked, breaded cheese is a health food. Tell me another one. You are not the only one experiencing disbelief. Cheese has fallen off the current train of fad diets, and many people avoid it. Of course, it is important to avoid cheese if you are lactose intolerant, but if your body is equipped to process dairy, cheese can actually add a lot of benefits to your health.

At 350° Cheese Straws, we had to ask ourselves, Why just eat plain cheese? Isn’t there a way to make it more fun? Thankfully, generations of people before us had been asking the same question, resulting in the secret recipes we use to create the delicious cheese straws currently taking the nation by storm. As we’ve marketed our cheese straws, we’ve realized that many people view cheese as a sort of junk food — unhealthy, fattening, and almost toxic. Nothing could be further from the truth. While moderation must always be used when it comes to cheese (as with anything else), cheese has been a key player in the health of millions of people through history. It has stood tall among the health foods available to humanity. If you still aren’t convinced, we have seven reasons why 350° Cheese Straws are good for you!

  • Before we get started, we want to make a very important point: not all cheese is created equal. At 350° Cheese Straws, we have carefully sought out companies and teams who can provide us with ingredients that are both naturally and humanely generated. We’re passionate about making the world a better place, so our sources must be, also. As a result, our sharp cheddar cheese straws boast all the benefits we list below. Read on!

Our cheese straws are full of valuable minerals like calcium.

When it comes to calcium, almost nothing beats cheese. The same goes for Vitamin D, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, and Vitamins, A, B2, B12, and K2. Did you know that the combination of calcium with vitamins D3 and K2 is powerful for protecting your heart, brain, and bones? Cheese contains all three, which makes caring for your body simple! As if that wasn’t enough, cheese also contains conjugated linoleic acid, and agent proven to boost metabolism and fight cancer. Have another cheese straw!

Our cheese straws provide valuable, natural fat.

The main thing that scares lactose-tolerant people away from cheese is its fat content. It’s just like you’re eating slabs of fat! Why would you do that? Well, here’s the thing: our bodies need natural fat and calories. Sure, we don’t need a lot, and that is why moderation is key when consuming cheese. However, fat is an incredible source of energy that our bodies cannot do without. Fat promotes healthy skin, hair, organs, cell function, and body temperature. Healthy amounts of it can also be stored away for a rainy day. The cheese we use in our straws is full of precious omega-3 fatty acids and the kinds of fats your body actually needs. Don’t deprive it!

Our cheese straws pack a formidable protein punch.

Are you a vegetarian? Have you cut meat out of your diet for other reasons? Cheese is your friend. As a complete protein, it contains correct proportions of essential amino acids. This means 350° Cheese Straws not only provide protein, they help your body absorb that protein and become healther. Talk about a complete package!

Our cheese straws won’t give you sodium poisoning.

Salt is really addictive for humans. That is why it shows up in so many of our foods in such high levels. It makes the foods taste good to us and is part of the reason why processed food is so difficult to resist. Like many things, we need a little salt in our diets, but not a ton. Great cheese contains relatively low levels of sodium, especially if it is a soft cheese. Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on this!

Our cheese straws contain the bacteria you want.

For being organisms that depend on thousands of types of bacteria, we sure spend a lot of time fighting bacteria away! In fact, we generally think bacteria is bad. However, there are many kinds of bacteria that are our friends. How are they your friends? They prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol. They can also soothe digestive issues like Crohn’s disease, colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, IBS, as well as infectious diarrhea. And here’s a shocker: we all think of constipation when it comes to cheese, but the bacteria in good cheese actually promotes regularity. Have some more cheese straws!

Our cheese straws can help your teeth.

We mentioned the abundance of calcium in cheese, which is not only good for your bones, but also good for your teeth. Your teeth depend on minerals to stay strong, particularly calcium and phosphorus. Both of these minerals show up in spades in cheese. Additionally, cheese is a basic substance, which means it can neutralize the acidity of your saliva and help reduce dental issues.

Our cheese straws make people happy.

We’re talking about more than the happiness you may feel when you’re about to eat a delicious treat. The high-quality cheese we use contains tyrosine, an amino acid that makes us feel content. The healthy fats in cheese also encourage the production of dopamine, the body’s feel-good chemical. As you can see, using reason is important when it comes to our cheese straws, but when you decide to chow down, enjoy it to the fullest, knowing you’re helping your body.

Invest in Our 350° Cheese Straws Today

Making the most of life involves eating a delicious thing or two, and the team at 350° Cheese Straws is honored to provide you with the best of the best. Life is too short not to enjoy it, so whether you need a corporate gift or a special treat for yourself, shop now!


Where Did Cheddar Cheese Come From? 

Did you know that cheddar cheese is second only to mozzarella when it comes to popularity in the United States? In 2014, the U.S. produced about three billion pounds of the stuff. At 350° Cheese Straws, we love sharp cheddar in particular and use it to create decadent cheese straws beloved by people across the country. We are constantly aware that the cheese we use has a deep and rich history, and the only reason it’s here is because cheese lovers have worked hard to keep it going. We are very thankful!

Ever wonder how the most popular cheese in the world got its start? Well, you’re in the right place!

The History of Cheddar Cheese

Ancient Roots

  • We aren’t sure when exactly cheddar got its start, but we know it has been produced since the 12th century. Historians suspect that Romans brought a cheese recipe to Britain from France’s Cantal region, and that recipe was cheddar cheese’s foundation. However the cheese got its start, there are records from English kings in the 1100s and 1600s showing that they bought plenty of cheese for themselves and their courts to enjoy. But where did the cheese come from? 
  • The cheese we all love so much is named for its hometown, a village in Somerset called Cheddar. The village is close to Cheddar Gorge, which contains a series of caves. These caves have the perfect temperature and humidity for maturing the cheese and are the place where cheddar got its start. From there, it was a favorite of English kings and common folk alike.

Transformation Into the Modern Age

  • Jump forward to the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Small-town production was transformed into wide-scale processes in giant factories. Many mistakes were made, but great things happened, too. In particular, a dairyman in Somerset named Joseph Harding realized he could blow cheddar cheese production up and make a fortune. 
  • Harding did a lot to make cheddar cheese a dominant cheese in the market. He not only promoted dairy hygiene and showed willingness to share cheese-making techniques, he also innovated the equipment used to produce the cheese itself. One of his best inventions was the revolving breaker, which made curd-cutting easy and reduced a lot of manual labor. Eventually, his method for making cheese became known as the “Joseph Harding Method” and since then, he has been known as “the father of cheddar cheese.” He and his family introduced cheddar cheese production to Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Scotland.

The Threat of Extinction

  • We would say the rest is history, but there is one more major event in cheddar’s history: the Second World War. When wartimes hit, a majority of Britain’s milk got directed into making “government Cheddar,” a rationed cheese that wasn’t nearly as good. As a result, nearly all of the other cheese production in Britain got wiped out. Over 3,500 cheese producers were reduced to fewer than 100. However, thanks to the dedication of these cheesemakers, cheddar survived and was able to take its place as the most popular cheese in the world.


Enjoy How Delicious History Can Be With Our Cheese Sticks

After learning the hard work and innovation that went into preserving the delicious sharp cheese we use, you shouldn’t miss out on enjoying the results! Shop our handmade, carefully-sourced cheese straws today!