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Invite Cheese Straws To The Christmas Dinner Table This Year

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A big part of Christmas is breaking bread and sharing meals with friends, family, and loved ones. From holiday parties to Christmas Eve dinner to Christmas morning brunch, there is no shortage of chances to fill your bellies to the brim with delicious food. You might not know this now, but you’re missing an important piece from your holiday meals. And that is...cheese straws. Yes, you read that right. You might be skeptical as to how cheese straws are an integral piece of holiday meal sharing, but that’s what this blog post is for. Today we’re going to tell you why you need to extend your Christmas invite to 350° Cheese Straws this year.

The Role Cheese Straws Play During The Holidays


What is a meal without appetizers? If you’re hosting a dinner party this season, or are having friends and/or family over for Christmas brunch or dinner, you simply cannot serve the food without a delicious appetizer for your guests to snack on as they wait for the main course. As you finish meal prepping, open a tin of cheddar straws for your guests to nibble on as they mingle or help out in the kitchen.

On The Dinner Table

Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner or brunch earlier in the day (or both!), take the time to set up the cheese straws on a pretty platter to display on the table. If guests were snacking on them prior to the meal being served, simply move the open tin closer to the dining area. Another pro cheese straw tip is to include it into some of the dishes you make! For example, if you are making baked mac and cheese, crumble up a cheese straw or two to garnish the top for an added element of crunchy, cheddar cheese.

After Meal Snack

If you haven’t whipped out your cheese straw tin yet, after the meal is the time to do it. Before diving into desserts, many people like to rest and let their stomachs sit. During the time between the main course and dessert, set up a display of cheese straws with other light snacks for your guests to munch on at their leisure as they wait. You can also pair these treats with coffee and tea for your guests to enjoy. And trust us, they will enjoy.

Give As A Christmas Gift

What better way to say Merry Christmas than by gifting a tin of cheese straws? If you want to take your Christmas dinner or brunch to the next level, order a cheese straw tin from 350° Cheese Straws for each of your guests to take home. You can either wrap them up individually with a name tag for each person, or you can put them on each guest’s place setting. They can bring the tin home if they so please, or if not, they can leave it (which means more cheese straws for you!)

Place your cheese straw tin order today to ensure that they arrive in time for your Christmas day activities. Merry Christmas!