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Feature Cheese Straws At The Thanksgiving Table

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We’re in the heat of the holiday season. Invites to parties are coming in daily, Christmas music is starting to play in the grocery store and on the radio, and ideas for the gifts you’re going to give to your friends and family members are starting to form in your head. While Christmas is close by, we have one special holiday to celebrate before we can dive head first into garland, Santa hats, and peppermint sticks. And that is … Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an incredible holiday that allows us to spend quality time with our loved ones while remembering how grateful we are. And what is Thanksgiving without a big, delicious meal? From mashed potatoes to green bean casserole to the infamous turkey, everything on the Thanksgiving table will be devoured. Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your immediate family, or you’re hosting a big dinner, there’s one more item that deserves a spot on the dining table: cheese straws! Yes, you read that right.

The straws from 350° Cheese Straws® are a true Southern delicacy. Rich in flavor with a kick of spice, you’re going to have a hard time eating just one. You’ll quickly find that you’ll be reaching for another one before you’ve even finished the first. If this sounds like something you want included during your Thanksgiving feast, you’re going to want to keep reading to learn how you can easily incorporate a cheese straw onto the dinner plates of your guests.

The Cheese Straw Appetizer

Whether you’re hosting a large group of people or you’re cooking for your immediate family, everyone loves an appetizer as they’re waiting for the meal to begin. And what better appetizer to provide than a cheese straw? Place a tin of straws on the cocktail table or display them in a decorative bowl for your guests to snack on as they chat and mingle before dinner.

The Cheese Straw Snack

Are you the one who’s heading the dinner preparations? You have an important job. Since you’ll most likely be spending all day in the kitchen, you’re going to want to stay sustained as you cook and bake the ever anticipated dishes. Open up a tin of cheese straws and place it on the counter in the kitchen for easy access when you’re feeling peckish. Plus, if you have any helpers in the kitchen, you’ll be providing them with a quick and easy snack to munch on as they please.

The Cheese Straw Dish

While we’re not expecting you to open up a tin of cheese straws and call it dinner (although, the choice is up to you), who says you can put cheese straws on the dinner table? Even if you offered them us as appetizers pre-dinner, don’t stop at that. Put them on a pretty platter or bowl and place them next to the mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce. Your dinner guests can add them to their plates as they want, and there’s no doubt that they will want.

Our cheese straws add yet another reason to give thanks. Don’t go without this Thanksgiving. Order a tin of your own online today.