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A Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide Featuring Cheese Straws

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Christmas is just a week away, and we are just as excited as you are. The crazy holiday season is coming to its peak on December 25th, and chances are you’re looking forward to a few days off to spend time with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company, eating delicious food, and sharing gifts. However, maybe you’ve been a bit behind on Christmas shopping this year. Maybe you’re busy work/life schedule has kept you running around from morning ‘till night, and you’ve been unable to purchase gifts for your friends and family.

If this is the case, don’t worry! We completely understand the stress that comes with holiday shopping. That’s why we’ve assembled a last minute Christmas gift guide! Take a few minutes to peruse this list of foolproof gift ideas and you’ll be set with something great to give your friend or family member that you can pull off before the 25th rolls around.

Gift Cards

You really can’t go wrong with gift cards, no matter what store it’s for. Everyone could always benefit from a gift certificate for their favorite store, or even online shop. With this option, you can choose to be practical or a little more exciting. For example, if you know that your recipient frequents stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, purchasing a gift card here is a safe bet. If you know of the person’s favorite online shop or local boutique, a gift certificate there would be thoughtful! Perhaps you don’t know what they’d like. In this case, it’s best to play it safe — go with a Target or Amazon gift card. Either way, this gift is easy and something that the recipient can enjoy at their leisure.

Selection of Coffee or Tea

Who doesn’t love coffee or tea? Many people choose to indulge in a cup of joe in the morning. Spread the love this Christmas by gifting them a bag of their favorite coffee! If you know which kind they like, you can play it safe and grab them another bag or two so they’re set for the next few months. However, if you know that they like to experiment with their coffee beans, find a new type that you think they might enjoy. Take it to the next level by putting together a basket of a variety of coffee beans that they can try out at their leisure. This consumable gift will be enjoyed and appreciated.

A Box of 350° Cheese Straws

Is the person you’re shopping for a lover of cheese? If so, look no further than a box of 350° Cheese Straws. In a single bite, you’ll experience a burst of flavor rich in cheddar cheese and a hint of spice. Our cheese straws are a versatile gift idea that is sure to be enjoyed by whoever you give them to. Here at 350° Cheese Straws, our motto is “One bite and you’re hooked!” And this is exactly what anyone will experience after their first cheese straw experience. Purchase a tin today to ensure that it arrives in time for Christmas. And while you’re at it, order a tin for yourself. Merry Christmas!