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350° Cheese Straws: Welcome To Our Blog!

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Welcome to 350° Cheese Straws®! We are happy you are here, and we hope you enjoy our tasty, cheesy treats as much as we love making them. Perhaps you’re from the South yourself and know the tradition behind cheese straws, or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a Christmas, wedding, or hostess gift and are thinking cheddar cheese straws are the way to go (spoiler: they are!). Either way, we’re glad you’ve taken the time to check out our site and our blog section.

Before you continue shopping and making gift (or snack) purchases, we want to give you a bit more information about our premium handmade cheese straws. Cheese straws, in general, are a treat straight from the South, and ours are no different, made by hand in Beaufort, North Carolina using a unique family recipe.

So keep on reading to learn more about our cheddar delicacies, the story and vision behind our company, and why we strive to make the best cheese straw out there. Then, don’t leave before you try one for yourself!

Our Cheese Straws Are Based On Southern And Family Tradition

Here at 350° Cheese Straws, we are proud of our cheddar straw recipe, as it is a family recipe! It was handed down by owner Ashley Sellars’ mother, Terry Hines, and Ashley proudly continues baking and carrying on the love her mother had for cheese straws. In fact, Ashley is the only person who makes and bakes the dough! Each cheese straw from 350° is handmade, hand mixed, and hand baked in our state-of-the-art bakery in Beaufort, North Carolina.

The Magic Is In The Cheese

Our cheese straws are handmade for taste. And the taste is: cheddar cheese. Our homemade family cheese straw recipe calls for cheddar cheese, and a lots of it. We use only the best and highest quality of sharp cheddar cheese, and it’s evident even in the first bite! After the initial crunch, you’ll experience an explosion of flavor that can only be pointed back to that sharp cheddar. We also incorporate spices, which create a strong, savory taste that you just won’t be able to get enough of. They say, “One bite and you’re hooked!” And it’s true.

Our Cheddar Straws Are The Ideal Gifts For Cheese Lovers

Who doesn’t love cheese? It’d be hard to find someone who doesn’t love the sharp, savory taste of cheddar cheese, either by itself or melted onto nachos or tacos. If you’re looking for an unforgettable, easily enjoyable gift for any event, our cheddar straws are sure to please. What’s so thrilling about our cheesy treats is they’re so versatile. Purchase a tin for yourself and store them in the cabinet when you have a cheese craving. Pack them in your children’s lunches or bring them as a snack to work. Order a few extra tins if you’re throwing a holiday party. You can display the cheddar straws around the house for guests to snack on, and you can even gift your guests with a tin of their own!

Our straws double as a savory snack for yourself and a memorable gift suitable for always all events: weddings, family Christmas parties, corporate holiday parties, and more. There’s no doubt that whoever takes a bite of our their first 350° Cheese Straw won’t be able to stop themselves reaching for another, and then another.

Shop With Us Today

After all this information, we can practically see your mouth watering. So try a cheese straw for yourself. Whether you’re looking to fix a cheese craving or you’re on the hunt for a corporate Christmas or holiday gift, you’re in the right place. Purchase your tin of cheddar straws today